Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal cargo transportation is the transportation of goods that is carried out using various modes of transport: road, rail, air and water.

Multimodal transportation is mainly used for international cargo transportation, when there is no direct connection by one mode of transport between the point of departure and the delivery location. For example, delivery of cargo from the USA to Kyrgyzstan can be carried out as follows: at the first stage, by road to the port of departure, then by sea bulk carrier to a transshipment port in Asia, where it is reloaded onto railway transport and delivered to the railway transport hub closest to Kyrgyzstan. Where the cargo is reloaded onto vehicles and delivered to its destination. Thus, it is clearly seen that multimodal cargo transportation is a complex multi-component set of works that requires a high degree of coordination and responsibility at each stage of execution.

Our company, Caravan Logistics, has many years of experience in multimodal cargo transportation to Kyrgyzstan, as well as to countries near and far abroad. In our work, we rely on the extensive experience and high qualifications of our employees, who allow us to develop a route and carry out multimodal transportation in the shortest possible time at minimal economic costs.

An important factor in combined transportation is the documentation of the cargo, because it will most likely have to cross more than one border and face customs clearance in different states and economic associations (for example, in the EU and EAEU countries). Our company’s specialists are well aware of the specifics of paperwork in different countries and are able to move cargo through customs as quickly as possible, avoiding unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.

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