Air transportation

Air transportation

Air cargo transportation in Kyrgyzstan allows you to ensure the fastest possible delivery of cargo to the desired point.

Air cargo transportation is valued all over the world due to its versatility and the ability to quickly deliver cargo over very long distances. If we compare the delivery of goods by other modes of transport and air transportation, then the cost of transportation by air will be slightly lower with a higher level of service and shorter terms. In many cases, for the delivery of small quantities of goods, air transportation will be a more profitable solution.

Cargo transportation by air can be carried out to anywhere in the world. Many air carriers have a wide network of airports. International air transportation speeds up the process of cargo delivery. Due to the dense frequency of air travel, delays in cargo delivery are minimal, and sometimes completely eliminated. Even if the flight is delayed, the cargo is sent on the next plane. Our company Caravan Logistics provides product tracking service. This means that our partners can track the process of cargo transportation from the moment of departure to arrival at the destination.

International air transportation includes a complex of interrelated processes. The service of delivering goods by air involves not only delivery itself, but also customs clearance cargo, its insurance, document verification and much more. Caravan Logistics employees are true professionals in their field. They are familiar with the logistics process from the inside. Our company has been operating since 2008, and during this time the number of air transportations carried out can be counted in hundreds, if not thousands. We offer clients air transportation services from Kyrgyzstan or delivery of cargo by air to Kyrgyzstan on favorable terms and with the help of the most reliable carriers.

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